BYHA Blaine Youth Hockey

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Frequently Asked Questions
Revised May 19, 2017

Q: What do new player's have to know?

Most questions can be answered by viewing our FAQ Document.  Please check it out and if you have any further questions, please contact the In-house Director at

Q: Why don't I see my account balance when I log in to the website?

The BYHA website is a registration and rostering system; it is not a formal bookkeeping system. Members have the option to pay registration fees at the time of registration by Credit/Debit card. The BYHA website and Quickbooks are not interlinked to each other. If an online payment is not made at the time of registration, accounting will transfer the registration fee due into the Quickbooks bookkeeping system and invoice the member account.

When we move an open balance in to Quickbooks we need to notate it on the BYHA registration so it closes the unpaid balance on the website. It appears it has been paid, when in actuality it has been moved to Quickbooks.

Any additional billing for the season will be entered into your family account within the Quickbooks bookkeeping system.

Once a month a statement/open balance report will be emailed out showing the member familys current open account balance of either a balance due or a credit on account. Please direct any account related questions to the treasurer,

Q: Do I have to pay the invoice that I get for "Season Ice Estimate"?

YES, all invoices are due at the time of invoicing.

We take a historical approach in estimating ice use for team billing each season. We use a minimum of a 3 year average for the first Season Ice Estimate billing. Then at the end of the season we gather the actual hours report from the master ice scheduler and adjust the initial billing as either a credit or an additional amount due from the player. The year-end ice billing amount does not include tournaments, away games, away practices, or away scrimmages.

Any additional billable items would show as a line item of its own.

Q: Why am I seeing finance/late fees?

When an invoice goes out, it's due. A Finance Charge of 1.5% per month will be assessed on total unpaid balances greater than 45 days past due the original invoice date.

In the event a member account is placed for collection, the cost of collecting the outstanding member balance will be included in the total amount being submitted to the collection agency.  Additional court, legal, or collection recovery fees may apply per Minnesota State guidelines.